EPC – Solar Thermal

Nova Energie is more than just a manufacturer of superior quality Solar Water Heaters, We also offer full service, one stop Solar products and services.

Turnkey EPC Services- Nova Energie Turnkey EPC (Engineering Procurement & Construction) Services helps customers deliver the best solar projects possible. Whether as a financial backstop, a little help on the engineering side or full scale EPC Partner, Nova Energie has the knowledge base and the institutional strength to give customers what they need.

Nova Energie is one of the trusted solar brands in India, thousands of solar professionals in almost all states of India trust Nova Energie not only for Solar Water Heaters, but for design, workmanship, balance of system components and services. Our customers know if Nova Energie is involved it’s a rock solid project they can trust and in which they should invest.

Our EPC Services for:
• Solar desalination
• Solar effluent treatment
• Pool Heating System
• Solar Green House
• Solar Air Heater
• Industrial Heating