On Grid System

Grid Connected or On-grid solar system interacts with electricity grid to work in synchronisation with electrical supply provided by Distribution Companies or other source of generation. On grid system installed by Nova Energie is a great option for efficient, durable, trouble free generation.

In Grid interactive rooftop, The DC power generated from SPV panel is converted into AC power using Inverter unit and is fed to the grid either of 33 KV/11 KV Three phase lines Or 440/220 Volt Three/single phase line (As per standards in India) depending on the installed system.

These kinds of Solar PV systems only generate power when the utility power grid is available. Power generated by individual households industrial buildings commercial buildings or any other type of buildings can be used to partly fulfil the requirement of the building's occupants and surplus if any can be fed into the grid. This is possible. If the distribution company of that area is willing to allow power to be fed into the grid and has the necessary arrangements including availability of metering of energy. These systems must be connected to the grid to function.

Also known as Grid Interactive SPV System, as they are made grid interactive so that power generated in excess of local building demand is exported to the grid or distribution network.

On Grid system may not use battery banks as part of the system as grid acts as the backup for feeding excess solar power and vice –versa. In other words you can send excess generated power back to the grid when you are over producing electrical energy so you get credited for later use. For any power application this system will reduce your bill or waive-off your bill and lead to cost savings depending on type design and feasibility of system. Nova Energie are specialized in installing On-Grid solar Systems for Domestic, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial agricultural, other sectors or customised requirements.