Heat pump

Heat Pump

Nova Energie Heat Pump (NEHP) Series is a more efficient solution for heating water. It utilizes naturally available heat from water, ground and even winter air and applies a vapor compression refrigerant cycle, consuming nearly one quarter of the electrical energy required for traditional water heating. At 75% reduced energy consumption, this contributes to cleaner air.

Nova Energie has developed a full range (from 300 Liters/Hr To 1000 Liters/Hr) of NEHP water heating units; built on heating optimized ZW scroll compressors to provide seasonal efficient heating capacity and effective domestic hot water production in residential and commercial building applications. These are available for use with multiple refrigerants like R407C, R22. It is designed to deliver 60°C water temperature irrespective of the weather conditions. It can operate from a wide ambient from 10 to 43°C. NEHP units come fitted with Best-In-Class “Shell & Tube” heat exchanger technology. These are easier to service compared to other available condensers in the field. Shell & Tube heat exchangers are the perfect solution for sites where the water quality is very poor.

NEHP series are designed for simple & easy operation in the field for end-users like Hotels, Hostels & Restaurants etc. These units come with “Simple User Interface” which allows service teams to get advance warnings about field failures, simple error codes for easy diagnosis & troubleshooting. This reduces the downtime and increases the life of the system.

With all these benefits, the NEHP heat pump series is definitely the most reliable solution available on the market. Nova Energie supports water heater contractors around the world by providing specifically designed units for heating water.