solar desalination

Solar Desalination

Nova Energie brings to you world's leading Solar Desalination Systems using TiNOX - MAGE MEH Desalination Method. Solar desalination, it is a technique used by Nova Energie in which desalination of water take place using various thermal technology like flat plat collector. it is increasing tremendously every year in fresh water production capacity as more water is needed for communities, industry and for human population especially in dry region.

Facts about the process & advantages using MEH-Technology:
• Low temperature heat of 85°C is used for evaporation
• No moving parts within the distillation chamber ensure low maintenance demand
• The self-controlling natural convection loop enables best energy recovery ratios of up to eight
• Sophisticated geometrical design allows easy maintenance and optimum performance at the same time
• No pre-treatment of raw water is needed. The process is insensitive to high salt contents.
• Modular set-up, available sizes comprise units with 1000, 5000 and 10000 litres per day capacity
• The water produced through our MEH (Multi Humidification Effect) process is fresh water in its second-purest form (distillate being the purest): condensate with virtually no dissolved solids (minerals, metals, etc.), free of any bacteria or any other organic contamination.
• In industrialized nations, consumption of this water is without any risk, due to the fact that foods typically contain ample supplies of minerals and therefore the need for mineralized water is a non-issue. In developing nations however, a balanced diet is not a given and therefore it is recommended to re-mineralize MEH produced water. This can be done by blending it with mineralized fresh water, with 1-1,5% of boiled sea water (provided it does not contain inorganic toxic elements) or by simply running it through pestled marble stone cartridges.
• For irrigation purposes, fertilizer solutions may be added to MEH produced water.

Apart from our MEH units, we also offer an array of accessories including:
• Re-mineralization unit for the proper adjustment of salt content using marble cartridges
• Bacteria re-contamination prevention by UV-disinfection, for condensed water which is meant to be safe stored over extended periods of time