Hybrid system

Grid-connected Solar PV System which also makes use of Battery Backup is known as Hybrid Solar power system. To enhance the performance reliability of the overall system a minimum battery backup is recommended.

Hybrid Solar power system is a combination of on grid system and off grid system. In these kind of system electricity from the electrical grid as well as from the solar PV is used to feed the load and for battery backup. Hybrid inverters enables the use in multiple ways based on priority of power to be consumed like consuming Solar Energy first or Normal Electricity first or Solar with Normal Electricity or Solar with Battery backup depending upon criticality of load.

There can be more than two power generating units connected to a system for example PV modules, wind turbines and diesel generators these type of system configuration where multiple power generating units are connected in a system is also called hybrid SPV system. The use of multiple power generating unit ensures that the power is supplied to the load whenever it is demanded. In this way, the hybrid systems are basically used to increase the reliability of load operation.

Nova Energie utilises Grid supply and Solar energy to provide Hybrid SPV System for general purpose application.