Solar PV Module

Mono-crystalline solar module is made by Nova Energie from cylindrical silicon ingot grown from a single crystal of high purity semiconductor. These module cell have unique look because of octagonal shape and have uniform colour. these cells have pyramid pattern which offer a large surface area to collect more energy from sun rays. It reduces the reflection and increase the absorption the power of the cell to absorb more sun rays and generate more energy and they are coated with silicon nitride. Nova energie modules longevity up to 30 years.

Nova energie, Poly-crystalline solar panel generally have lower efficiency than mono-crystalline but their advantage is that they are lower in price as compared to the mono-crystalline panel. They tend to have blue hue instead of the black hue of mono-crystalline panel.They are made from silicon however instead of using a single crystal of silicon it melts many fragments of silicon together to form the wafer for the panel they are referred to as many crystal silicon or multi crystalline as they are many crystals in each cell and there is less freedom for electron to move.

Seven Reasons Why You Should Use Nova Energie Modules 

LAMINATION TECHNOLOGY: At Nova Energie, solar modules are manufactured keeping 30 years of design life. In order to achieve this, in-depth understanding of lamination technology is of paramount importance. There is more to lamination technology than the eyes meet or most solar companies understand. Nova Energie has mastered it

MATERIAL SELECTION: Solar modules are essentially as good as the materials used in it. Use of reliable materials such as solar Cells, EVA, Backsheet, TBs etc are critical to the life of the solar panel. Careful selection of lamination materials and good shop floor practices are the key

BEYOND STANDARDS!: International test standards such as IEC 61215, TUV, ISPRA etc may fail to help detect the reliability of solar modules. Nova Energie's stringent in-house test protocols help roll out most reliable module from our factory. Our internal procedures are the key beyond international test certificates.

PRICE TO PERFORMANCE EPC: Yes. It’s not enough if the modules perform for over 25 years. Engineering of solar power plants is as much a bigger and greater task as making solar modules robust and long-living. It’s beyond just integrating, or simply laying the modules on structures connecting them to the inverters and stepping up. Best EPC practices adopted by Nova Energie have far reaching impact on reliability, performance and profitability. Team Nova Energie understand solar modules behavior better as we are also the most experienced EPC player in India.
Warranty wars!: Just signing warranty papers for 25 years is not enough. Remember to gauge the warranty of company itself! For you need to chose a company that survives longer than its modules!

UNKNOWN TERRITORIES: MW solar power plants to India is quite new (2009). The behavior of MW solar power plants were understood by very few people in the world, let alone Indian solar companies. PID (Potential Induced Degradation) effect is one such phenomenon that took the EPC players by surprise. Nova Energie had already circumvented such impacts, thanks to its proprietary design methods and test practices both in the factory and at field.

CHEAP MODULES ARE COSTLY!: There’s no short-cut to quality and reliability. Our uncompromising approach ensures that PV modules do not require replacement. We eliminate all risk factors which otherwise adversely effect power generation in your plant and increase operational costs